If your practical test day is around the corner, a test drive will boost your confidence in advance. We know Bromley routes and areas like the back of our hand; we provide valuable pointers to prepare you for your practical test day.

Though you will feel a little nervous, you will be fine once you know what to expect.

The Night Before the Driving Test

  • The night before your driving test day, you must take a good night’s sleep.
  • It’s necessary to have a complete focus while driving.
  • If you are sleep deprived, you are more likely to lose focus, and reactions will be relatively slower.

The Morning of the Driving test

  • It is recommended to take a lesson from your family or friend to warm up a little bit.
  • In this way, you can shake off your nerves and make several mistakes so you won’t repeat them during the test drive.
  • Moreover, try to be at the Bromley test centre at least 15 minutes early to make a good impression on the instructor.

Things you Need to Bring for the Driving Test

Things you Need to Bring for the Driving Test

Make sure you take the following things with you for your driving test:

  • Provisional license
  • Pass certificate of your theory test
  • Your car (if you want to) – as some people prefer to use their own.

The Driving Test Procedure

The start of the driving test

  • The examiner will test your eyesight before the test.
  • You will be asked to read a number plate from 20 meters; failing the eyesight test means you will fail the driving test.
  • To test it on your own –20 meters is approximately five car lengths.
  • In such a way, you can easily test whether you can see clearly or not before the driving test day.

What Can You Expect During the Test Drive?

You will be asked to drive for about 40 minutes; your general skills and abilities are tested during this time via several traffic and road conditions.

There will be:

  • An eyesight checks
  • A series of “show me, tell me” questions; these may be related to maintenance and general safety.
  • General driving skills such as reversing the vehicle – this stage lasts for 20 minutes. During this, you must parallel park, bay park, or pull behind another vehicle.
  • Independent driving – a sat nav or signposted directions will be provided to reach a specific location.

Things to remember during a test

  • Professional drivers can even make mistakes while driving; therefore, remember you are not a qualified driver even if you make mistakes during the tests.
  • Making mistakes do not mean you will fail your test.
  • 15 mistakes or faults, often referred to as minors, are permitted and usually doesn’t affect your results.
  • However, if you happen to make a major fault or more than 15 minor faults, you will fail.

What Happened After the Test?

What Happened After the Test?

Your results will be immediately declared as soon as you park back in the Bromley test centre.

The examiner will state the following in case you have passed the test:

  • The faults you have made during the test (if any)
  • Provide you with the passing certificate
  • He will ask if you want your full license; if so, provide them with your provisional license, and the full one will be delivered to you within three weeks.

Where is the Bromley Test Centre Located?

  • Bromley test centre can be found at at 121 Burnt Ash Lane, Bromley, BR1 5AB – the roads lead to north Lewisham and Blackheath and south of Bromley centre.
  • It neighbours Gardenya Café and Boots Pharmacy.
  • The area gets extremely busy during rush hours; ensure you reach the test centre on time.
  • And remember to enter via Brindley Way, not the Alleyway.
  • If you are taking a bus, several bus stops are near the Bromley test centre.
  • Furthermore, at an 11-minute walk, there is Sundridge Park station.

Why Drive in Bromley?

Bromley is a large town located in the south of London, among the popular destinations for taking driving tests.

There are many roundabouts, junctions, roads and challenges for drivers. However, they must be aware of the traffic they could encounter during rush hours.

On the other, it is impossible to test the exact routes for the test as the examiner could take any routes on the test day. But they may take you through Windmore road near Bickely station, head through Grove Park and Sidcup road.