Automatic Driving Lessons Sidcup

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Driving manual cars in metropolitan areas is not an easy task for everyone. It takes a lot of effort and concentration to control gears and clutch while driving in a busy city. People are now turning towards the cars with automatic transmission system since they offer a highly comfortable and relaxing ride experience, especially during rush hours.

For a person with a hectic office routine, it can make a world of difference if he switches from a manual car to an automatic one. It offers a driving experience without clutch and gear control which gives a more relaxing and comfortable driving ride to your muscles.

If you are looking for good yet affordable driving schools in Sidcup, you are in luck: Training Day School of Motoring has an elaborate training program with highly affordable prices and the best automatic driving instructors in Sidcup.


    Benefits of Automatic Car


    This is probably the most liked benefit of automatic cars. The automatic car offers simple operation because there is no clutch to control and no gear stick to manoeuvre during driving in the city. You simply have to select the drive and you are good to go.

    Fuel Economy

    Fuel consumption is definitely a major concern for people who want to shift to an automatic car. Since there are multiple technologies in transmission technologies available, you can choose the best choice for you that can provide a balance between fuel consumption and performance. Following are the five types of automatic transmission:

    • Torque converter automatic gearbox
    • Continuously variable transmission (CVT)
    • Automated manual transmission
    • Dual clutch automatic gearbox
    • Intelligent manual transmission
    Automatic Driving Lessons Sidcup

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    Ride with Comfort

    Automatic transmission makes a seamless and intelligent transition of gears that provide you with a gentle and pleasant ride experience throughout.

    Good in Heavy Traffic

    If you live in a busy city, you will understand the effort that has to be put into controlling the clutch and gears during the rush hours in the city. Since automatic cars do not require such efforts, you can drive through congested traffic more efficiently and easily.

    Why Us for Intensive Driving Course Sidcup?

    High-Quality Training

    Training Day School of Motoring has a record of providing high-quality training to drivers. They have managed to design and plan a course that can make you able to meet the driving standards all over England.

    Experienced and Skilled Instructors

    We, at Training Day School of Motoring, have the best driving instructors Sidcup has to offer. Our instructors have gone through physical and mental assessments to be approved as instructors. Moreover, we manage a pristine fleet of automatic cars with dual control.

    Automatic Driving Lessons Sidcup

    Online Drivers Education

    Training Day School of Motoring also offers online lessons, which means you don’t have to wait; just register yourself and get started on the training. We also emphasise preparing the drivers for the real world by conducting classroom driver lessons as well.

    Choose What you Need

    We are offering both complete training course and selective modules for our customers. If you already have received some training from somewhere else, you can skip that part of the course at Training Day School of Motoring.

    Quick Service

    We don’t keep our clients waiting; within 24 hours of booking, you will have a directory of our qualified instructors. Whoever you choose from the list, rest assured, he is fully qualified with more than a decade of instructing experience.

    Value for Money

    We don’t advise you to look for cheap driving lessons Sidcup offers; they might not provide a sufficient level of training. Our aim is to provide CPC training for all; hence, we offer the best training with the most affordable price tag.

    If you want the best automatic driving lessons Sidcup has to offer, you can contact us today. We have a proud legacy of 96% of students passing their test on the first attempt.

    Training Day School of Motoring: Best Automatic Driving School Sidcup

    • We have more than 5 years of experience in the field.
    • 28 qualified instructors with more than a decade of instructing experience.
    • We offer an online instructor training course.
    • 6 days of training schedule at affordable prices.
    • Highly maintained cars with dual control.
    • High client satisfaction rate with more than 5000 licences issued.
    • Offering both complete and in-parts training courses.
    • Our staff is CRB checked.