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Driving test centres are essential for those seeking a driving licence in the UK. These centres provide a controlled environment for drivers to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of the rules of the road and their ability to drive safely and responsibly.

In London, numerous local driving test centres are located in different areas, each equipped with dedicated staff and the necessary equipment to conduct driving tests. Whether you are a new driver or seeking to upgrade your licence, understanding the role of driving test centres and how to book a test is crucial.

Training Day School of Motoring has highly experienced DVSA-approved trainers who will help you polish your driving skills and apply for a driving test to get your licence.


    Our Testing Procedure

    We at Training Day School of Motoring follow a thorough testing procedure to make sure our trainers have spared no effort to make a good driver out of you. In our testing procedure:

    • Your visual acuity will be tested by making you read licence plates, including both old and new styles of plates.
    • You will be quizzed on vehicle safety through various questions.
    • Our examiner will ask you to perform different manoeuvres to assess your driving ability, including reversing and stopping at the side or behind other vehicles.
    • Typically, your driving test lasts 40 minutes. However, if you have been banned from driving before, you will have to drive for 70 minutes for the test.
    • Parallel parking and parking in designated bays may also be included in the assessment.

    Book Your Theory Test

    The driving theory test is a mandatory exam that all new drivers in the UK must pass before taking the practical driving test. It assesses the candidate’s knowledge of the Highway Code, traffic rules, and road safety. You can book your test in any driving theory test centre near you. The test is divided into two parts:

    • A hazard perception test
    • Multiple-choice questions

    You can book your theory test with Training Day School of Motoring. Our experienced trainers will prepare and polish you for the theory test so that you can pass your test on the first attempt.

    Driving Test Centres

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    Pass Your Theory Test in Flying Colours

    Here are some general tips that can help you in passing your theory test on the first attempt:

    • Study the Highway Code thoroughly and take notes for better understanding.
    • Utilise various study materials like books, DVDs, and mobile apps to comprehensively understand the topics covered.
    • Know the test format, number of questions, time limit, and passing score.
    • Practice with timed mock tests to simulate the actual test experience and get used to the time pressure.
    • Use feedback from mock tests to spot your weak areas and try to eliminate them.
    • Practice hazard perception skills by identifying potential hazards on the road.
    • Understand the scoring system and how the test is graded.
    • Experiment with multiple methods of learning to identify the best one for yourself.
    • Focus on important topics like road signs, traffic signals, and stopping distances.
    • Regularly practice hazard perception to improve reaction time.
    • Manage time effectively during the test and leave enough time to review answers.
    • Keep yourself updated on any changes in the road rules.
    • The Requirements for the Practical Test
    • Your age must be 17 years minimum to take the test.
    • You must hold a valid provisional driving licence for the vehicle category you want to drive.
    • You must pass the theory test before going to practical driving test centres.
    • You need to be able to read a vehicle number plate from 20 meters’ distance using glasses or contact lenses if you require them.
    • Your vehicle must meet the minimum safety requirements for the road.
    • You must have valid vehicle insurance.
    • You must bring your provisional driving licence and theory test pass certificate to the test centre.
    • You must make a driving test centre booking in advance and pay the required fee.

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    Training Day School of Motoring has a rigorous testing procedure to make sure that the driver is safe on the road. We keep our course contents updated according to new DVSA instructions. We can help you pass your driving test on the first attempt.

    Book your driving test with us and get one step closer to attaining your driving licence.

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