Welcome to training day school of motoring the best Driving School in Lewisham. We are the No# 1 driving school in  Lewisham that cares regarding their student’s development. Do you want to pass your driving test at the best time possible? Then let training day school of motoring help you! Our Driving Lessons Lewisham, we offer the very best in driving lessons in the areas of west London. We have some of the best driving trainers in the local area of West London. We aim to get you driving faster with fewer lessons so you can pass your driving test rapidly and that is how we’ll accumulate your money.

So whether you are a learner driver who is getting ready for a driving trial or you just started learning to drive, our driving instructors in Lewisham will be there to aid you with everything you desire during your driving class. This ensures you are well equipped for your driving test and get your drivers licence with the assurance you entail.


    Manual or Automatic Driving Lessons?

    Learning to drive is an accurate way and something that can advantage your life in numerous ways. It can also be a pretty exciting familiarity. However, it will only be that way if you are learning to drive in a way that is the best selection for you. With us, at training day school of motoring, you will have a selection to have manual driving lessons with our manual driving instructors or automatic driving lessons. Manual cars come with a gearbox that you as the driver control and want to alter, to speed up, slow down, or end. Manual cars are what the preponderance of cars in the UK is like.

    Automatic cars have an automatic gearbox, so as the driver, you don’t enclose to alter the gears as often. There are more and more of them out on the road these days, so it is all about personal liking, which is something that we are more than contented to compel with. Not all driving schools present this, so it is another huge benefit of choosing us as your driving school. If you decide to have automatic driving lessons then just like our manual ones, you will be trained the skills that you want so that you have the assurance to get out on the road and pass your trial first time by an automatic car.

    That’s our promise:

    If you are looking for the finest intensive driving courses accessible you’re at the correct school in London. Our driving schools will effort to assist you to pass your driving test and get your driving licence the first time with the smallest number of driving lessons.

    Why choose training day school of motoring?

    We have been an extended-time favourite of University and College Students in West London. We are proud to provide our driving students some course discounts and cheaper driving lessons. Please get in touch with our driving school now to take full benefit of this immense opportunity and offer!

    • Here training day school of motoring in west London has an exceptional status for the first time driving test pass rates in Lewisham and West London.
    • Our learners everlastingly obtain a complete 1-hour driving lesson and instructors will always pick you up from home, work, college, etc
    • There is no additional charge for weekend or evening driving lessons or courses in the local area of West London and Lewisham.
    • Our driving instructors don’t pick up other people during your class. We only make available one on one driver training.
    • You will be trained to learn to drive by extremely practiced and fully qualified DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) permitted driving instructors in a serene and peaceful environment.

    Questions or Concerns?

    You are looking for driving lessons in London and the Lewisham area; we have got decidedly skilled and knowledgeable driving instructors for you. Whether you’d like to be taught with a male or female instructor, we can assist you to pass the first time, and provide you the self-belief and awareness that you require to get out there on the road. Need aid to choose a course or instructor? Send us a message and we can assist you to pick the perfect driving course for you!