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Training Day School of Monitoring is the perfect place to go if you are looking to book a driving lesson or test in Sidcup. We have trained and skilled instructors (all DVSA approved) to meet your driving needs. Whether you want to take a theory test to get your license or want to polish your driving skills, we are here for you.

We can also prepare you for driving tests or theory tests. Our instructors will ensure that each learner is taught according to their needs and requirements.

Book Your Theory Test

With TDSM, you can book your theory test easily by bringing your provisional driving license. You can take the theory test if you want to obtain a full driving license. The test is booked as a single test, but you must pass both parts to clear it; it will be a two-part test which includes the following:

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • A Hazard Perception Test, including a video test in which you will spot hazards to pass the test successfully.


    Requirements for taking the theory test:

    • With Training Day School of Monitoring, you can book driving theory test Sidcup if you are 17 or above.
    • If you are 16 and want to book, you should have already applied for Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

    You can book online and take the test at any of our driving test centres in Sidcup. Though computer-based, it is designed to be as user-friendly as possible so that anyone can book driving test in Sidcup and take it easily.

    Conditions Where You Don’t Need a Theory Test

    Here are some of the conditions where you don’t need to take a theory test:

    • If you are upgrading an automatic car license to a manual one.
    • If upgrading a small motorcycle (category A1) to a medium motorcycle (category A2); remember that you should have had a license for at least two years.
    • If you are advancing from medium(C1) to large vehicles (C).
    • If you are acquiring a license for towing a trailer.
    Book Driving Test Sidcup

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    The Procedure of Our Driving Test

    This is how the procedure goes when you book driving test in Sidcup with Training Day School of Monitoring:

    1. There will be an inspection of your vision; you will be asked to read number plates – old and new styled.
    2. “Show me, tell me” questions regarding vehicle safety.
    3. General and independent driving ability assessment, such as reversing your vehicle: Our examiner will ask you to drive in various directions. For instance, we may ask you to stop at the side of the road or ask you to pull up behind any vehicle.
    4. You will drive for 70 minutes if you had been banned earlier from driving; otherwise, it will just take 40 minutes.
    5. You may also be asked to parallel park or park in a parking bay.
    Book Driving Test Sidcup

    How to Pass Your Driving Test Faster

    • Be Punctual

    After the successful Sidcup driving test centre booking, ensure you arrive 15-20 minutes, so you don’t feel flustered. On top of that, arriving early will leave a good impression on the driving centre.

    • Have a lesson beforehand

    To pass your test on the first attempt, take a driving lesson from a family friend and ask them some last-minute questions to clarify any confusion. Doing so will boost your confidence and calm your nerves.

    • Have Everything You Need

    Before you leave to take the driving test, ensure you accumulate all the necessary and essential documents. Make sure your car is also adequately equipped and according to the required standard.

    • Ask Nicely

    If, by any chance, you fail to comprehend any instruction, ask your instructor without panicking. If you panic or lose your temper, you will lose focus and fail the test.

    • Get Familiar with the Test Routes

    Although it is impossible to look at the test routes or the traffic hazards you will face, selecting the centre will give you the advantage of getting familiar with the area beforehand.

    • Check Mirrors Regularly

    One of the main reasons for failing driving tests is learners’ lack of observation. Check your mirrors carefully while you set off, face traffic hazards, or change gears and road positions.

    • Learn to Drive under Various Conditions

    On your driving test day, you may face sunny or rainy weather. Ensure you have practised enough to face any condition.

    Why Training Day School of Monitoring?

    • At TDSM, we assure you that you will pass your test on the first attempt.
    • Don’t fall for anything; at TDSM we use official AND updated content for theory tests taken directly from DVSA.
    • If you are inexperienced in computers, don’t worry; our software and products are easy to use.