According to research by Driving Standards Agency, a learner requires at least 44 hours of professional lessons to pass their driving test. These hours can be considered average because learning hours vary from learner to learner. And to help you learn better and faster, no one is better than a qualified and professional instructor. A professional instructor is better at assessing your qualities and abilities; hence they can tell precisely how many hours you will need to get to the test standard.

What Factors Influence the Number of Lessons I’ll Need?


Luckily, if you’re a younger driver, you’ll need fewer lessons before passing. According to the DSA, students must take an additional 2 hours of driving lessons for every year of age. Simply put, the younger you are when you learn to drive, the faster you will likely pass.

Frequency of Lessons

It depends on how many lessons you are taking weekly. The more frequently you take lessons and spend time behind the wheel, the better.

Private Practice Hours

It is recommended that you should take at least 22 hours of private lessons besides professional lessons. Therefore, you should probably practice with a family member or a friend.

Learning style

Every learner has a different learning style. Some drivers learn visually or physically, or verbally. Whichever your learning style, a good instructor will always teach you according to a style that best suits your needs.

Check What is Your Instructor’s Experience Level?

All certified driving instructors must hold a green license or badge, which should be visible to you on their car’s windscreen. A green badge means they have passed all 3 DVSA exams and are competent and fully qualified instructors. If you don’t see a green badge, you should drop the instructor and find a qualified one.

Helpful Tips for Taking Driving Lessons

While taking a driving test, keep in mind these valuable tips.

  • Begin driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor.
  • Consider taking an assessment lesson.
  • Make sure you and your instructor fully understand each other and that they do not become irritated during lessons.
  • Look for feedback and solicit recommendations.
  • Cheap does not means it is always a good decision.
  • Choose the suitable transmission

How Do You Pick the Best Driving Instructor to Help You Pass Your Test?

  • As mentioned earlier, make sure to check reviews.
  • After picking someone, you must feel at ease with their learning style.
  • As you spend most of your hours with your instructor, a lousy attitude can demotivate and disperse your attention.
  • Discuss a schedule that suits you the best with your instructor and whether a few longer sessions or several shorter lessons per week are preferable.

Pass Your Theory Test

Passing your theory test as soon as possible is more important than ever. This will not only make learning easier when you begin lessons, but it will also allow you to schedule a driving test well in advance. With that said, it’s essential to speak with your instructor before booking a test date, as they’ll be able to give you a precise time frame to secure it and information on which test centres are best suited.

Intensive Driving Course

An intensive driving course will provide the same number of driving lesson hours in less time. However, you still need to hold a provisional driving license and may also need to pass your driving theory test.