Driving is something basic but requires skills and knowledge to become perfect on the road.  It is a proper systematic process that involves many small steps, and by following and learning each step you can become an expert driver. In this regard, the greatest help you can get is the help of professional training schools. If you will take sufficient Driving Lessons Lewisham, you will never face difficulty in handling tools and rules related to driving. It requires confidence and proper training and only the professional schools can help you with both. We at Training Day School of Motoring helps you to learn all the basic and advance details so that you can learn the most necessary and modern techniques. Driving needs to focus on and attention. If you will lack any one of these the results will be not what you have expected. You can face severe injuries. Driving is not something that you should take for granted. You have to go through the proper process only then, you can learn and drive on the road like professional drivers. This article is to target some basic driving techniques and postures that can help drive success on the road to prevent different problematic situations.

The first t highlight is that the key to a good driving technique is smoothness, and this is only showed when the preparation is good and complete. The main topics discussed below are as follow.

  1. Driving Posture
  2. Braking Posture
  3. Steering Technique
  4. Electronic Driver assist system

Driving Posture:

Just after buying the car, the first thing you should do is to set it according to your needs. You have to set the seats and other things according to your use. You can never drive the car the way you buy it. Every individual has their way to drive and sit. The postures are different the techniques are different. You can never follow the posture and technique of any other person. It is better to understand the self-body posture and work according to that. To set the postures you have to keep the safety precautions in mind like;

  • Seat Belts: If you want the seat belts effectively you will have to adjust them in three categories; Low, Flat, Firm.
  • Low: In this category, you have to adjust the seat belt below your hips so that it can support the whole body weight.
  • Flat: There should be no twists, turns, and folds in the seat belt it should be straight and flat.
  • Firm: After every 15 minutes you have to pull the belt to remove the slack of any type.

Braking Techniques:

Every driver should know that correct braking is done in two different stages first you have to put lightweight pressure and after that, you have to apply the pressure that is needed. You can never directly apply the break with extreme pressure. You must have to involve in these two steps. Harsh and sudden exclusive braking can end in accidental conditions.

Steering Technique

Staring techniques are of two major categories “push/pull” and “hand over hand” In both methods some rules are necessary to follow.

  • The steering must have to be smooth as well as progressive.
  • You have to reduce speed before steering and have to keep in mind that the car has to straighten up before accelerating.
  • You have to keep both the hands’ in the outward directions and thumbs towards the rim.

These are some of the basic Driving techniques and postures that can help to drive properly. For more, you can join the training sessions of training day school of motoring.